Tale of a Town

Writ of Passage
As signed by the Elector-Count of Reikland

I hereby grant the privileges of private enterprise in Reikland Wald as previously plotted out by the Imperial Surveyor-Engineer on the northern brink of the Kleiner-Reikling Stream’s twenty-sixth course over farthing, to these signed subjects. These privileges include mining, building of settlement, hiring and establishing servants, workers and subjects and hunting in the surrounding area of the forests as per the Laws of Hunting and Poaching of 2505. To this end the signing subjects shall pay one tithe to the Imperial State, one to the Lands of Reikland and one to the Temples of Divines, lest they lose these privileges and shall be jailed for fraud and embezzlement. Further they are trusted with the security of this plot and its roads and are obligated to contribute to the State Troops shall the State of Reikland be pulled into an effort of War.

Signed 6th of Jahrdrung 2509 by:

His most Imperial Highness, Emperor Karl-Franz I von Holswig-Schliestein, Grand Prince of Altdorf, Elector-Count of the Reikland, Protector of The Empire

Subject Signatures:


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